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This page include my most useful links 🙂 I update it often according to what I find on the web. If you know of any good resources which are not mentioned here, please leave a comment!


Nature probably the best known scientific magazine, it has a lot of specialized separate magazines of interest like:

Nature Neuroscience

Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Nature Reviews Neurology

Molecular Psychiatry


The Lancet Neurology with free sign-up you get to read a lot of good-quality articles regarding neurology

The International Journal of Artificial Organs

Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

Journal of Consciousness Studies

Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Journal Sleep

Journal of Neural Engineering – a very good journal and very close to my interests


NeuroPod in order to have access to the original papers featured in NeuroPod you have to subscribe to Nature, Nature Neuroscience and Nature Reviews Neuroscience but you can listen the podcasts for free


Neuroscience Forum




The Human Brain Project

Neuroanalysis Laboratory of Neuroinformatics from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University

NeuronBank Cataloguing the Neurome

Society for Neuroscience

OpenEEG – this site contains open source projects of EEG reading devices that you can make at home.

BrainMaps -a huge brain atlas of several species including the humans

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