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About neurotech

In 2004 I was admitted to the Aerospatial Engineering college which was all fine but after one year I got more and more interested in robotics. I specialized in the electronics later on, but I decided I needed some biology classes to improve my engineeering skills and design. Because the human body is the most complex biological system, I decided to try my luck in General medicine. Meanwhile I have graduated the engineering college – very soon I will finish a Master of Aerospatial Engineering too – and have one more year to finish medicine. My mind has suffered a lot of transformations meanwhile. I feel like I got the best of the two worlds and I wish to continue my career in neuroprosthetics.

I find this new, interdisciplinary field as very practical for the human society in general – because no matter what marketers tell us, we are not our stuff, we are our mind and that’s why neurological disorders have such a great impact on our well-being.

The mind is but a complex circuit, so step by step it can be modelled, read and repaired in case of diseases. I created this blog to write about  the different projects I am working at in my free time, to show you what’s new in neural prostheses and to create a huge resource of links from all over the Internet if you also want to bring your contribution in this field.

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