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Mathematical models in neuroscience

July 28, 2010

Mathematical models are mandatory for designing neural prostheses that can close the nervous circuit in order to treat a neurological disorder. Here are some sites that shared their mathematical models for the rest of us in order to use and improve them!

SenseLab – This is a project funded by The Human Brain Project and it includes these databases:

– neuronal databases: CellPropDB, NeuronDB, ModelDB,  MicrocircuitDB

– olfactory databases: ORDB, OdorDB, OdorMapDB

– disease databases: BrainPharm

If you need a mathematical model of a certain brain region, here is a very useful list.

In order to run these models, I advise you to download the NEURON software. In order to learn how to use it, here is an online version of exercises from the 2008 summer course.

Visiome is a database where you can find a lot of mathamatical models related to vision.

CellML is being developed by the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland.

A free software to open the CellML files is Cellular Open Resource .

BioModels Database is a database of mathematical models of biological interest.

If you know of any good database of such mathematical models, please leave a comment!

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