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Nervous system basic modelling – part I

March 9, 2010

There are a lot of topics in neuroscience that I’m interested in and a lot of questions to find answers to; I put order in my mind by writing so this is how this blog got to existence.

I am a medical student finally studying neurology and neurosurgery and for the first posts I will update a basic model of the nervous system done in Simulink.

For the beginning, I modeled each main part of the nervous system through a transfer function but I will add more details later. Click on the photo below to see it enlarged.

The nervous system is made of :

– the central nervous system(CNS)

– the periferic nervous system(PNS)

The CNS is made of:

– the brain

– the spinal cord

while the PNS is made of:

– the cranial nerves

– the spinal nerves

The brain is divided into:

– the cerebrum

– the brain stem

– the cerebellum

The cerebrum is made of the telencephalon and the diencephalon.

The telencephalon is made of:

– the cerebral cortex

– the subcortical white matter

– the basal ganglia

– the commisures

The diencephalon is made of:

– the thalamus

– the hypothalamus

– the epithalamus

– the subthalamus

The brain stem is made of:

– the midbrain(mesencephalon)

– the pons

– the medulla oblongata

That’s all for today!

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